• $179,900.00
    Bedrooms: 2
    Baths: 1
    Pembroke Pines, FL

  • $125,000.00
    Bedrooms: 2
    Baths: 1
    Deerfield Beach, FL

  • $89,400.00
    Bedrooms: 2
    Baths: 2
    Plantation, FL








    Work Smarter,

    Not Harder !!










We recognize how hard you - the realtors - work to put a deal together. We can help you close more business by eliminating the headaches involved in getting to the closing table in today’s market:

                              Unrealistic Sellers
                              Upside Down Sellers
                              Banks That are Slow to Respond
                              Appraisal Issues

If you’re active in the current market, you are certainly aware of these roadblocks to closing.  If you want to eliminate the hassles of dealing with difficult sellers and banks that never respond to you, we offer an alternative solution!

Through our commitment to value and quality, every one of our homes are always the lowest priced in their respective subdivisions, and a seller’s response is always just a moment away. Our process is to provide to you and your buyer a quality home, at the best possible price, with a responsive seller. 

By working with us you will no longer have to wait weeks or even days for a response to your offer… All offers are responded to immediately! 
And we’ll work with you as a team player to help ensure every deal closes quickly and easily.  We make the deal happen, just give us a call and let us show you how easy it is to satisfy your customer, earn more money for yourself, and enjoy your profession again.